Before enrolling a family in AngelEye, the primary administrative account holder must be consented by hospital staff. When the hospital has obtained a signed consent form, the family account can be created. To add a new family account, click the ‘Family Accounts’ tab on the main page in the far left menu. Select the ‘Add New Family’ button. Fill out the required fields on the ‘New Family Account page.’ Be sure to put Mother’s Last Name and First Name as the Family Name. Click ‘Submit.’ Next, the patient must be linked to the family account. 

  • If your hospital has ADT integration, click the ‘Add Existing Patient’ button, and the ‘Add Existing Patient’ box will appear. Click on the drop-down arrow to select the patient (verify correct patient by confirming NAME and MRN). The assigned camera will auto-populate based on their bed space in the EHR. Click ‘Save,’ and close the box. To add multiples, click the ‘Add Existing Patient’ button and follow the process above. For cameras on mobile stands, manually select the appropriate camera from the drop-down ‘Camera’ menu. 
  • If your hospital does NOT have ADT integration, create the family account and then navigate to the ‘Edit Family Account’ page . Click the ‘Add Existing Patient’ button. The patient box will then pop up. The only required field is the First Name/Alias of the baby. Click on the drop-down arrow to choose the correct camera. Click ‘Save’ and close the box. To add additional babies to the family (multiples), click on ‘Add Existing Patient’ button again and add the next name and camera.